AnyKeylogger hides in the background and records keystrokes, visited website, takes screenshots and then finally secretly emails you the reports.

Sounds kind of scary doesn’t it? It could be a huge breach of privacy if used improperly. Using it to spy on your girlfriend or boyfriend is probably not the best idea. However for parents trying to keep track of their kids activities online it can be useful.

Disclaimer: AnyKeylogger sent AppDucate a request to be reviewed as well as a fully licensed copy of the software. This has in no shape or form affected the outcome of the review.





AnyKeylogger Features

When downloaded, it requires that you open it then go through its setup procedure (nothing difficult here), however it differs from the usual drag and drop into the Applications folder. This is a good thing because otherwise it would be easily visible from within the Applications folder, which would make it not very secretive.

Once installed and running it’s hidden from the eye, unless you look hard enough (I’ll go more into this later). For instance, it’s not visible in your Dock or in the Menubar when running. In fact in order to bring it into view you need to know the secret keyboard shortcut. This keyboard shortcut is thankfully customizable which is really helpful since you’ll have to memorize the shortcut in order to bring AnyKeylogger into view.

As you can see in the above image, you have the top toolbar where you’ll be able to stop/start the logging service and change your settings. The settings area is where all the customization I located. Finally on the right-hand side you can search or use the Time Filter to go through everything that has been logged.

Below that you have 3 columns. The first shows the users that it’s recording. And under each username you can restrict results to show just the captures of Text, Websites, Screenshots or Applications. Clicking on one of these will show you the results in the middle column. The last columns shows extra information on the selected item.

AnyKeylogger Settings

After installation the first thing you’ll want to do is go through the settings.

The first tab is for enabling/disabling the keyboard shortcut and changing the hotkey used to bring AnyKeylogger into view. Below that you can have screenshots taken every time a webpage is viewed, or you can set it to take screenshots at timely intervals.

The seconds tab is where you set your password. I recommend using a password and enabling the password feature.

The third tab is where you can control how the logs are handled and how the emails are handled. Unfortunately it only currently supports Gmail. You’ll be asked to enter your email address and password once you enable “Send logs every”. It can also be set to clean the logs every time the email is sent. Below that you can enable and disable the option to have images sent with the emails.

Finally the last tab will allow you to uninstall the app. This is important because this app can’t be uninstalled just by being dragged out of the Applications folder into the Trash.


The Bad

It’s not as secretive as you’d like:

any keylogger review

This is my biggest issue. While AnyKeylogger is hidden in the sense that it doesn’t show up in your dock, menubar or Applications folder, you can still easily spot it in the Activity Monitor app built into all Macs. Not only that, but if you double click the akler process (AnyKeylogger), then “Open files and Ports”, you can find the location where it’s storing all it’s logs as well as it’s screenshots. The screenshots are easily viewable and if you look at the log.db file, you can for the most part figure out what’s being recorded.

Opening up the log.db file will show you something like this:

Untitledfile://localhost/Applications/Åp  +Ås?]-A‘Ï:z≥Damien‚Äôs iMacDamien - Google Searchfile://localhost/Applications/Å
 +!Y]-A‘Ï:y¢YÇDamien‚Äôs iMacDamienspeedtest

If you look at the above you can see that I used Safari to do a google search for “speediest”.

Only Supports Gmail:

AnyKeylogger allows you to have reports of what is being logged secretly emailed to you. Unfortunately it currently only supports Gmail. Hopefully we’ll see added support for other email service soon.

Screenshots don’t always work properly:

record websites visited log

Viewed Website Log

AnyKeylogger can take a screenshot of each webpage visited. The problem occurs when the screenshot is taken before the page is fully loaded. This results in just a blank white page. This isn’t to much of a problem, because it takes a ton of screenshots so you’ll most likely end up getting a proper screenshot when they go to another page on the site.

Although that does create something else of a problem. In enabled, AnyKeylogger will take a screenshot of every webpage visited. So say your kid goes onto Facebook and views 50 pages in a couple of minutes, that’s 50 screenshots. That can be viewed as either a positive or negative.

Does Not Record Website Passwords: Another big negative, is that AnyKeylogger does not record any passwords that are entered into web forms. This is something that you’d expect any basic keylogger would be able to do.

Does not record the clipboard: When you copy text or images they are temporarily stored in the clipboard. AnyKeylogger surprisingly does not record the clipboard, and in my opinion is a huge oversight as the clipboard is one of the most used features on Mac.


The Good 

Secret Keyboard Shortcut & Password Protection:

hidden any key logger

One of my favorite features is that AnyKeylogger stays hidden from view unless you know the secret keyboard shortcut. Not only that, but you can change it to whatever you want. One thing to note however, unless you set a password, the keyboard shortcut will bring you directly into the app. To set a password go to Settings -> Password and enable the password feature.

Take Screenshots on set Intervals:

screenshot intervals mac

For those who don’t want a screenshot taken every time a webpage is loaded there is also another settings that will take a screenshot every set amount of minutes.

Send Emails & Email Format:

gmail anykeylogger report

AnyKeylogger can send you emails with activity reports. This is extremely useful otherwise you’d have to visit the application every time you wanted to see the reports. The frequency that the emails are sent can be changed as well in the settings.

The format of the emails are clean and easy to understand. Take the first log for instance, it clearly shows that at 12:17 on June the 29th I was using Safari to edit an article. Below that it shows I went to Pandora to listen to music while I wrote out my article.


AnyKeylogger Review Conclusion.

There are few areas that are very-much-so lacking. Not recording website passwords and clipboard content is a huge downfall. Also it’s not invisible, you can easily find it from within Activity Monitor.

Now you have to ask yourself, is the person that you plan on recording going to find it in Activity Monitor. Do you need to know their website passwords and what they copy and paste? Do you need a parental control application? If so, then keep looking, this app isn’t for you.

If you want a spy tool that will secretly email you the activity of the person using the Mac then yes, AnyKeylogger can help you out. They do offer a free trial, so you can try it before you buy it.